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Uof Navy Shiny/Matte Helmet  ASTM Certified

Uof Navy Shiny/Matte Helmet ASTM Certified

$ 345.00

Uof race helmets ⛑  two tone navy shiney/navy matte helmet shell- harness colors available navy matte material or royal blue shiny material . chinstraps sold separately.

The safety rises to three
Safety increasingly growing.
After approvals according to the
European standard VG1 01.040 2014-12 and English standard PAS 015-2011
We are pleased to announce that our helmets are now approved to the
American standard ASTM F 1163-15

The Outer shell has a non-slip soft ergonomic design, animated by a curve along its entire circumference. On the front and rear there are two ventilation holes, four in all, protected by super metal grid to guarantee the safety and comfort even in hot weather.

Weight: 450/500 gr.

The internal shell is made of polystyrene whose density is ideal to absorb impact shock possible, avoiding injuries in case of fall

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