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We have been manufacturing, repairing and selling equestrian equipments for over thirty years, both at national and international level. Our philosophy is to be always attentive to the needs of those who practice the different equestrian disciplines. Our priority is to listen and interpret the needs and dreams of riders and jockeys, turning them into real products.

UoF HELMETS – Italian Design: a line of helmets of the highest quality.

In UoF HELMETS safety, accuracy, comfort and design come together.

UOF HELMETS are entirely made in Italy, at our headquarters in Rome. The production is carried out in our laboratories, where our highly qualified staff takes care of every detail with great professionalism. The comfort of UoF Helemets is guaranteed by the use of non-allergenic materials, which are made to auto-adjust to the shape of the head of the rider. Every helmet has four ventilation openings, which are important in every season, but especially during hot weather. They are very light and the inside padding can be removed, washed and replaced easily. The design is innovative and attractive. The shape is anatomic and pleasant, with a opaque or glossy cover in different colors, with retention straps in various materials and colors. The different models are also customizable with airbrush and glittering crystals.

UOF HELMETS are homologated to the most demanding standards of safety. This means that riders and jockeys wearing UoF Helmets are sure to ride using a safety equipment manufactured in conformity with EU regulations CE VG1 01.040 2014-12

UoF Helmets it’s a complete product line for every equestrian discipline, entirely MADE IN ITALY